June 11—Love My People, Matthew 5:43-48
June 18—Father’s Day – Joshua Young Preaches
June 25—Generous Giving, Matthew 6:1-4
July 2—Praying for the Kingdom, Matthew 6:5-15
July 9—Do I Have to Fast? Matthew 6:16-19
July 16—The Treasure of Your Mind, Matthew 6:19-24
July 23—Kingdom Matters, Matthew 6:25-34
July 30—Who’s Your Judge? Matthew 7:1-6, Joshua Young Preaches
Aug 6—Go Ahead and Ask, Matthew 7:7-12
Aug 13—Danger: One Lane Bridge Ahead, Matthew 7:13-14
Aug 20—The Sad Reality, Matthew 7:15-23
Aug 27—Built on the Solid Rock, Matthew 7:24-29​​​​